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Our eco-friendly 4x4 trail in magnificent scenery was developed with the expert help of the Land Rover Series Club and offers almost 100 mostly natural obstacles.

The two way, Grade 2-4 Trail rambles over 20 hectares of river frontage and offers an exciting mixture of water, inclines, rock, sand and natural challenges with escapes.

It is ideal for family and club get-togethers for up to 25 vehicles. The route gives drivers an opportunity to review and develop skills rather than just driving a trail. You could potentially also drive along our scenic route, which will be an out and back trail with a picnic along the way with great views over the Wilge River valley amongst indigenous flora such as Transvaal Beech, Kiepersol, Aloes etc.

Our Fantastic Suzuki 4x4 Club SA weekend started at Berg en River Lodge with a Special Delivery of a Brand New Suzuki Jimny Automatic, in the bush! Congratulations Lea Dean! Thanks to Suzuki Northcliff for this Special Delivery to one of our club members!

Some of us camped, some stayed over in the great lodge, and most came for the day!

Berg en River Lodge is on average 1.5 to 2 hours drive out of Gauteng. What a Great and Highly recommendable place! Awesome hosts and great food! The trail have some water crossings, soft sand, mud, rocks, hills, and escape routes! It will satisfy everybody! We will be back for some more camping and more great 4x4 ing. This time in the summer so that we can also enjoy the tubing and kyaking on the river. A weekend is just to short for this Awesome Adventure packed place!

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Suzuki 4x4 Club SA Year End Function at Berg en Rivier Lodge.

We had a great turnout with lots of people in the lodge and lots more down at the fantastic river camping site. It was so nice to see people arriving early to enjoy our Suzuki Way Of Life, arriving with trailers, tents, canoes and mountain bikes, all loaded onto their Suzuki’s or being pulled by their Suzuki 4x4’s! We had a BIG Surprise for the weekend! A MASSIVE BIG THANKS to Suzuki SA that sponsored our Suzuki 4x4 Club SA with a New Jimny GLX Automatic, Jimny bottled water and some New Jimny Goodie Bags! Each vehicle at this event also received a “Scaled version of the Fantastic New Jimny”, for our Year End Function!  A detailed report on this vehicle will be following soon! I am still smiling BIG! Our Club and Suzuki SA have come a long way since 2008 and we will continue forever! Thanks again Suzuki SA! All went well during the 4x4 trail. We had some recoveries, nothing serious and lots of BIG Smiles! The Berg en Rivier venue is a winner! From the 4x4 trail, to the camping, lodge, and our Fantastic Year End Function Dinner! We will be back soon! A Massive Thanks to all our loyal club members and your support during 2018! You are all awesome!

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Jeep Club 4 x 4 en Suzuki Event on the 24th October, 2020